Page created towards getting wire for my bonder

I have the following wires ordered:

“bonding wire” gave a lot of usable results on eBay

Note: a lot of surplus wire seems to be ribbon rather than round wire. I'm avoiding these. Where are these used?


Vendor Model Material Diameter (um) Notes
California Fine Wire (CFW) Al
Coining 11345 Au Via Ametek
Heraeus AgLite series Ag 15-38 Silver Alloy Wire for LED Device and IC Packaging
Heraeus Al-H11
Heraeus Al-H11 CR
Heraeus Al-R
Heraeus AlSi 1%
Heraeus AlSi 1%.
Heraeus AlSi 1%-CR
Heraeus ALW-19C Al
Heraeus ALW-295M Al Want info on this
Heraeus ALW-29S Al 18-76
Heraeus ALW-49C Al 178-508
Heraeus ALW-49P Al 125-500
Heraeus ALW-49R Al
Heraeus ALW-59P Al
Leico / Sigmund
Sigmund Cohn
TANAKA DENSHI KOGYO K.K. Distributed by Topline
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