The problem: you need to understand a circuit but someone scratched the laser markings off to obfuscate it. Fortunately, since you read this site this is no longer an issue for you. The analysis lab has already decapped and imaged the chip for you, now its your turn to analyze the images to figure out what it does.

Complete each quiz in order. They are segmented so that if you don't understand a particular concept you can learn about it by reviewing the explanations at the end and move on. As the quiz goes on the reader should learn more about the chip and understand more about what it does. Don't be afraid to click on images to make them bigger.

FIXME: plugin broke. Source links provided below

NOTE: file names may indicate this is a “metal gate CMOS” IC but this was an old misunderstanding (I thought this was a CD4000 series chip when it is in fact not). It is CMOS though

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