Images taken by azonenberg on 2012-10-16 using JEOL JSM-840 SEM (20kV accelerating voltage, 39mm working distance, 6E-10A beam current).

Due to what appears to have been a mislabeled container this imaging session used a die that had been etched and slightly scratched rather than a virgin one.

Resolution was poor due to the long working distance being used. It was not possible to get any closer because the purple ceramic specimen was being analyzed as well and bringing the SecurID die any closer would have caused the ceramic sample to smash into the objective. A future session will use an intact die and shorter working distance.

Full die overview

Random region of gate array, 200x

Closeup of gate array, 700x

Die logo with revision codes, 300x

Corner of the mask ROM, 1000x

SRAM array, 1000x

SRAM array, 2000x

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