There are a lot of small units for soldering availible, this page is about larger units that can handle potentially larger fume amounts from a heat gun or from light chemical work


Tabletop fume extractors. Seem to be popular, I picked up one (well a few really) of these as there is good documetnation and looks like its easy to find and purchase filters. They are well built and look like they can take a beating

The 200 looks to be a good model as they are readily a availible on the surplus market and looks like filters are still being sold as of Oct 2013. Looks like the 105, 200, and 250 take compatible filters. 250 is a microprocessor version of the 200, 105 presumably just has a lower flow rate.


  • Arm-Evac 1: one of these on eBay…looks like it has power and an on/off switch. Probably basic first generation unit
  • Arm-Evac 50: vacuum cleaner like unit
  • Arm-Evac 105: small ducted unit
  • Arm-Evac 200: larger ducted unit. Seems to be pretty popular
    • New: $951.92
    • 120VAC, 60Hz 3 Amps 230VAC, 50Hz 1.38 Amps
    • Two 75mm (3“) dia inlets
    • General purpose filter: Single Inlet: 288 m3/h (170 cfm); Dual Inlet: 170 m3/h (100 cfm) per inlet
    • Cleanroom filter: Single Inlet: 255 m3/h (150 cfm); Dual Inlet: 135 m3/h (80 cfm) per inlet
    • 58 dBA
    • Comparable to Hakko HJ3100
    • “for 1-4 workstations”
  • Arm-Evac 250: like the 200 but with bells and whistles like filter change alarm
  • Arm-Evac 300: gray unit that looks a little different than the others
  • Arm-Evac 400:
    • “Free Blowing Flow Rate: 595 m3/h (350 cfm)”
    • “for 2-6 workstations”
    • Remote controlled: has a PC serial port for logging and a serial port for a control pendant
    • Don't believe it has compatible filters with anything
  • Evac 500: has 3 feeds instead of 2 like the other units and of course more CFM
  • Arm-Evac 1200
    • “for 6-12 workstations”
    • Bigger version of the 400
  • Lab-Evac 150: kind of a mini fume hood for a fume extracted workstation

Parts list

Number Type Compatible units Notes
8881-0960 Manual Arm-Evac 400/1200 Rev A, May 1999
8883-0111-P5 Pre-filter Arm-Evac 105, 200, 250 “Arm-Evac 105/200/250 Pre Filter”, pack 5, ref
8883-0140-P10 Pre-filter Arm-Evac 400 Pack 10
8883-0141-P10 Pre-filter Arm-Evac 400 Pack 10
8883-0931 HEPA filter Arm-Evac 200, 250 “Arm-Evac 200/250 General Purpose Cartridge Filter”, 110-150 USD shipped at auction (Oct 2013), presumably 105 isn't strong enough to use although would mechanically fit? ref
8883-0541 HEPA filter Arm-Evac 400
8883-0941 Gas/carbon filter Arm-Evac 400
8883-0945 HEPA filter Arm-Evac 400
8883-0946 Gas/carbon filter Arm-Evac 400
8883-0956 Gas/carbon filter Arm-Evac 500
8883-0951-P1 Adhesive filter Arm-Evac 105/200/250 “Arm-Evac 105/200/250 Optional Adhesive Filter”, ref
883-0987-P1 Extended life filter Arm-Evac 105/200/250 “Arm-Evac 105/200/250 Optional Extended Life Filter”, ref
8884-9961-P5 Fuse Arm-Evac 400 8A for 110V, pack 5
8884-9966-P5 Fuse Arm-Evac 400 3.15A for 230V, pack 5
8889-0400 Unit Arm-Evac 400 (230 V)
8889-0405 Unit Arm-Evac 400 (110 V)
8883-0871-P1 ARM-EVAC 105/200/250 “ARM-EVAC 105/200/250 Optional Economy Filterref
8883-0921-P1 Arm-Evac 105/200/250 “Arm-Evac 105/200/250 Optional Cleanroom Filter”, ref
8883-0986-P10 Arm-Evac 105/200/250 “Arm-Evac 105/200/250 Optional High Capacity Pre-Filter”, ref

Arm-Evac 200

I (JM) have one of these although its unused mostly because it didn't come with any filters and I got a deal on a Arm-Evac 400 just after I ordered it

Arm-Evac 400

I (JM) acquired this and am just beginning to set it up in early Oct 2013. Manual clearly states that it is intended for solder fume removal.

Specs [400/1200 manual]:

  • Input power
    • 3A @ 110 V (part #8889-0405)
    • 3A @ 230 V (part #6889-0400)
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Inlets: 2 3”
  • Size: 13.5” W X 14“ D X 18” H
  • Flow rate: 300 CFM
    • Contrast with 1200 which is 1500 CFM!
  • Max duct length: 66'
  • Noise: 59 dBA @ 6.5 ft
  • Motor type: single stage centrifugal
  • Pre-filter: 8883-0140-P10
    • “Extended life, wired backed polyster/cotton media”
    • Pack of 10
  • HEPA filter: 8883-0945
    • “Composed of borosilicate media”
    • Pack of 1
  • Gas (carbon) filter: 8883-0946
    • “Composed of bonded activated carbon”
    • Pack of 1
  • Optional silencer cart: 8804-1245

Parts list (well at least that mine came with):

  • Unit: ARM EVAC 400 8889-0405
  • Pre-filter: unknown/fixme
  • Main filter: 8883-0945
  • Carbon filter: unknown/fixme


front.jpg back.jpg left.jpg right.jpg

top.jpg top_inside.jpg top_tube.jpg

bot_cover.jpg bot.jpg bot_no_cover.jpg

Filter stack

stack_pre-filter.jpg pre-filter_top.jpg

stack_main_filter.jpg main_filter_bot.jpg main_filter_side.jpg main_filter_top.jpg

stack_housing_alone.jpg stack_housing.jpg

stack_carbon.jpg carbon_bot.jpg carbon_top.jpg

Whats with this filter? It looks like it was burned all over. Even if someone tried to use this unit for welding this still doesn't make sense as the pre and main filters should have caught the sparks. Must be some sort of decomposition of the bonding agent?

stack_motor1.jpg stack_motor2.jpg


bottom_overview.jpg control_board_top.jpg

Evidently has a PIC microcontroller at its heart

power_board_top.jpg power_board_bot.jpg


I didn't have a pendant for it and, although I didn't push them too hard, it didn't seem that I was going to get protocol details from PACE (they were friendly though and did scan me a user manual for it). So to use it I connected the 5V line from the pendant to a 30 ohm resdistor (3x 10 ohm) to a switch and then back to the optocoupler on the power board. Takes about 75 mA to begin turning on the motor, about 100 mA for it to be stable. This puts about 112 mA through it which seems a lot higher than what I read in the optocoupler datasheet but I guess whatever works. NOTE: this is not shown in th eabove pictures


  • HJ3100
    • Price: $637.50
      • Seems distontinued, I had to poke around to find even this ballpark
    • 115VAC - 50/60 Hz, 3.5a, 350W
    • One Port: 100CFM (169 cu.m/h)
    • Two Ports: 180CFM (305 cu.m/h)
    • 58dB
    • 11(W) x 9(D) x 18(H) in.
      • 27.94(W) x 22.86(D) x 45.72(H) cm
    • Approx. 18 lbs. (8.16 kgs)

Ace Industries



  • Mixonix FE-1200


Models: * Scavenger HS3000


Cygnus Production Industries Fumex Model F001C 115V 3.5A60Hz 1PH Fume Extractor


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