Xilinx CoolRunner-II CPLD family

Made on a 180nm process by UMC 1), 4-5 2) aluminum metal layers depending on device density. It appears that the 128 and smaller are 4 layers and the 256 and larger are 5.

Full RE of the family (focusing on the 32a) is in progress but there are no immediate plans to release.

XC2C32A (3.24 mm2, 4 metal) XC2C64A (4.61 mm2, 4 metal) XC2C128 (9.59 mm2, 4 metal) XC2C256 (15.54 mm2, 5 metal) XC2C384 (30.50 mm2, 5 metal) XC2C512
Projection: Equirectangular (2)
FOV: 6 x 6
X8370 (rev A)
Projection: Equirectangular (2)
FOV: 16 x 28...
X8380 (rev A)
Projection: Equirectangular (2)
FOV: 8 x 10...
X7440 (rev B)
X7410 (rev C)
X7450 (rev ??)

Thumbnail scale: 5 μm/pixel

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