Max 3000a series: 350nm 4-metal TSMC, shrunk to 300nm in 2001 (PCN0010)


Die ID Die year Device Source Notes
Y1011 1986? Unknown Unknown Asked to ID
Y1014 1988 EPM5032DC Cypress 7C344A
Z1002 1984 EP1200-ES
Z1003A EP310DC
Z1005A 1985 EP900DC
Z1014 1988 EPM5032DC-2 Cypress 7C344A
Z1011 EP910DC
Z1091 EPM7032LC44-15T N1
Z1149 EPF8636ALC84-4 N1
Z1188 1996 EPM7128SQC160-15 Link
Z1351 EPM3064A N1
Z1270 1999 EP10K20RC240-4 Image


secondhand info from someone talking to a FAE: All >= 28nm silicon is TSMC

List of devices


Family Process Fab
Stratix V 28 nm HP TSMC
Arria V 28 nm HP TSMC
Cyclone V 28 nm HP TSMC
Stratix IV 40 nm TSMC
Arria II GX 40 nm Unknown
Stratix III 65/60 nm Unknown
Cyclone III 65/60 nm Unknown
Cyclone IV 65/60 nm Unknown
Stratix II 90 nm Unknown
Stratix II GX 90 nm Unknown
Cyclone II 90 nm Unknown
Arria GX 90 nm Unknown
Stratix 130 nm Unknown
Stratix GX 130 nm Unknown
Cyclone 130 nm Unknown
APEX 20 KC 150 nm Unknown
APEX II 150 nm Unknown
Mercury 150 nm Unknown
FLEX 10KE 220 nm Unknown
FLEX 10KS 220 nm Unknown
APEX 220 nm Unknown
APEX 20K 220 nm Unknown
FLEX 10KA 350 nm, shrunk to 300 Probably TSMC
FLEX 6000A 350 nm, shrunk to 300 Probably TSMC
FLEX 8000 420 nm Unknown
FLEX 10K 420 nm Unknown
FLEX 6000 420 nm Unknown
MAX II 180 nm, 8“ wafers Unknown
MAX V 180 nm, 8” wafers Unknown
MAX 7000B 220 nm Unknown
MAX 3000A 350 nm, shrunk to 300 nm TSMC
MAX 7000A 350 nm, shrunk to 300 nm TSMC
MAX 7000 500 nm Unknown
MAX 9000 500 nm Unknown
EPC EPROM 500 nm Unknown
EPCS1 150 nm Micron
EPCS4/16/64 110 nm Micron
EPCS128 65 nm Micron
EPCQ Flash 65 nm Micron
EPC2 400 nm Unknown
EPC4/8/16 Flash 350 nm 2-metal (controller), 130nm 3-metal (flash) Unknown
EP5300 250 nm Unknown
EN5300 250 nm Unknown
EN6300 250 nm Unknown
EN2300 180 nm (one die), 250 nm (other die) Unknown
EC2630 350, 250, or 180 nm (not clear from docs) Unknown
EV1320 250 or 180 nm Unknown
EV1340 250 or 180 nm Unknown
EV1380 250 or 180 nm Unknown

This has some older device info:

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