Images below are taken by Dmitry “InfoSecDJ” Janushkevich.

Unless otherwise noted, images below are copyright “InfoSecDJ, CC BY-SA 4.0”



My current imaging setup is built around a hacked and motorized AmScope ME580T. Consequently, I can do brightfield imaging only. Optics list:

  • LMplan 5x/0.13
  • LMplan 10x/0.25
  • Nikon M Plan 20x/0.4 ELWD
  • Nikon M Plan 40x/0.65
  • LMplan 50x/0.6
  • Bio 100x oil; looking to replace that one with something better

Commissioning work

Always accepting sample donations! :-)

I am happy to do some work for you:

  • Decapping: always destructive for epoxy packages, I am equipped to get the die out but the package will be broken in the process thus the chip won't work; ceramic lidded packages should still work.
  • Imaging: I can image using any of the listed optics for you with 20x typically being the highest for a full die, plus you can specify ROIs to be imaged at higher magnification.
  • Deprocessing: I can deprocess the die down to the substrate, without taking intermediate images – you'll get top metal + substrate images only.

The default package is, I do imaging top metal at 20x, decapping and/or deprocessing would obviously require more work and consume more material.

If decapping is required, please bear in mind that it may result in damage/destruction of samples despite trying my best; providing multiple samples is highly desirable. Decapping different package types:

  • Ceramic lidded packages is universally successful just by desoldering the lid.
  • Ceramic (non)windowed packages almost always succeeds unless the bottom part fractures from stress and takes the die with it.
  • Epoxy DIP packages likely to succeed unless there is something funky about the die e.g. it's a multi-chip package, dies are very fragile, etc.
  • Epoxy QFP and alike packages almost always succeeds as there is not much material to stress the die.
  • Other packages to be discussed.

Hobby/public projects are done for free; a small donation is always highly appreciated to cover material costs and wear&tear. You will have to cover shipping costs, including shipping samples back if so desired; I am EU-based so things might be simpler/faster/cheaper if you are as well.

At this moment, I cannot offer commercial work, and I won't do anything I deem legally challenging e.g. pay-TV, smartcards, DRM, crypto.

By default, I retain copyright and will publish the images on this site.

If you have something that might be interesting, don't hesitate to get in touch via:

  • Email: infosecdj at airpost punktum net
  • DM on Mastodon:
  • Wherever else you spot my nickname e.g. discord servers
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