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8-bit PIC made on 700nm UV EPROM process but in non-windowed (OTP) package. Contains a MCU die (512 12-bit EPROM words for firmware plus 25 bytes RAM) and a 16-byte 24LC00 I2C EEPROM die for data storage.


8-pin PDIP. Markings:

  04P (E3 logo) 12U
  (Microchip logo) 0717

24LC00 die

TODO: Better stitch

Looks like 2-metal CMOS at around the 800nm node.

Die markings:

Center left

  (Microchip logo) MICROCHIP
  (M) 1996 74AK2

Upper right


Bottom center mask rev markings, partially obscured by dirt

  ?? ?? 30 40 50 10
  ?? ?? A1 A1 A1 A1

MCU die

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