Above: TPH 050

TPH series pumps are ISO and/or KF inlet flanges. TPU series have conflat inlet flanges. I believe all have KF outlet flanges. I thought the second number is supposed to indicate L/S but my TPH 050 plate clearly lists 25 L/s.

Smaller pumps (say < 50 L/s) tend to be passively cooled. Somewhat larger pumps can be air cooled but really large ones I think are only water cooled.

In addition to the inlet and outlet flange, most (all?) of them also have a vent port. This is supposed to help in venting the chamber without venting through the foreline pump which could push contamination into the chamber.

Above: male receptacle used on balzers turbo pumps

Pump controllers

Above: front and rear of TCP-121 controller

Many of the controllers can be used with various pumps but mind that the connector wiring can differ despite being the same connectors. Some of the smaller controllers (ex: TCP-015) use a smaller power connector so look carefully when matching cables.



  • S9 (left): standby (operate at 66% full speed)
  • S2 (middle): heating, turbo pump
  • S1 (right): power. Reset by holding power off for 2 seconds


  • X1 (bottom circular):
  • X2 (middle circular):
  • X3 (top circular):
  • X4 (right):
  • X5 (left): turbo pump

System connectors (referenced in schematics but not part of the TCP121 itself):

  • X8: circular connector on the turbo pump, goes to X5


Fuse Rating Purpose
F1 2.5A Drive electronics
F2 0.2A Vent valve
F3 2.5A Heater
F4 0.5A Cooling

Station controllers

Above: TCP303

There are also some accessories that allow monitoring pump coolant, controlling vent valves, and other things.


Mains power

Small plug (12 pin)

Above: A left, B right, 1 bottom, 6 top

For TCP-040, TCP-300, & TCP-310 [WIRING: TCP-270]:

Purpose Color Pin
Ground green or green-yellow A6
Neutral white or brown A2
Hot black or blue B1

Large plug (16 pin)

Mains to X4 [TCP121 op inst, fig 10]:

Purpose Pin 120V wire color
Ground (PE / protective earth) A8 green
Neutral (N) A2 white
Hot (L / live) B2 black
Jumper A1-B1 N/A

Confirmed some of these by comparing schematics (which is somewhat hard to read) to pinout by pressing power switch

Controller to pump

TCP120/121 to TPH/TPU 060, 240, 330

X5 (controller) to X8 (pump) [TCP121 op inst, fig 22]. Verified on “3m PM 011 232-X” cable

Signal TPU/TPH pump TCP controller
A A5
B A4
C A3
D A2
E A1
F B6
G B5
H B4
J B3
K B2
L B1
M A6
N A7
P B7
R A1
S B8
T A2
U A3
V A8

PM 441018-X

Took the connector off of it to make above, pinned out by JM

A a5
B a4
C a3
D a2
E a1
F b6
G a5
H a4
J a3
K a2
L a1
N a6


“1967 Pfeiffer was acquired by Balzers AG of Liechtenstein. 1996 Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is now an independent Company operating worldwide and the first medium-sized German company…” [Compound semi]


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