M-number to device mapping

This is a quick reference for (un)known Siemens/Infoneon parts.

M-number P/N Links
M134-A4 Unknown mcmaster:siemens:m134-a4
M202 SAB 8086 birdman:siemens:sab-8086
M260-A SAB 8051A infosecdj:siemens:sab-8051a
M596-A1 Unknown mcmaster:siemens:m596-a1
M1264-A1 Unknown mcmaster:siemens:m1264-a1
M1402-A1 Unknown infosecdj:siemens:m1402-a1
M1408-A1 Unknown infosecdj:siemens:m1408-a1
M1465-A7 Unknown infosecdj:siemens:m1465-a7
M1481-A1 Unknown infosecdj:infineon:m1481-a1
M2610A21 PEF 22622 F N/A
M2611-B PEF 22622 F N/A
M7690-B1 Unknown infosecdj:infineon:m7690-b1
M7690-G1 Unknown mcmaster:infineon:m7690-g1
M7701-A1 Unknown infosecdj:infineon:m7701-a1


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