List of public information on Intel x86 microcode and related info

Intel 8086

Intel 8087

“Extracting ROM constants from the 8087 math coprocessor's die”

Intel 80486dx

Think this site ( might have some images of the bits, but might need a better pass if someone was really serious about it

Intel Appendix H

This was leaked a while back (by accident?) from a research group. Someone also wrote an OpenOCD module to feed instructions in as microcode

Relevant documents?

  • “P5 EXTERNAL DESIGN SPECIFICATION, External Architecture Specification, Revision 1.3 January 15, 1992”

Intel Pentium 2 Klamath

Intel microcode updates

  • Misc dicussion

  • Tool to extract misc info

  • repo of misc updates

IIRC there was also a conference talk I saw

Intel Atom Goldmont

“Five Intel Microcode (uCode) Sequencer's arrays for Atom Goldmont core named according to our guesses”


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