Branded vendor Branded ID Process Die ID Package Reference
Sega 315-5672 CG24 2H24 CG24143-4121 Link
Sega 315-5673 CG24 2H26 CG24243-4153 Link
Sega 315-5674 CG24 2H22 CG24692-4146 Link
SNK LSPC2-A2 2C54 CG10103-112 Link
Capcom DL-1727 2H22 CG24692-4122 Wiki
Capcom DL-1525 2H22 CG24692-4123 Wiki
Capcom DL-2027 2H20 CG24512-4105 Wiki


CG24 / CG25 gate arrays

B4129AJ Tsutsuji Fujitsu CG24 Cell Library

Patent US4661815 describes the architecture and customization method for those chips. They're made of predefined i/o structures framing multiple columns of double CMOS transistor pairs called “Basic cells” (BC), spaced by empty columns for routing.

Customization is done by connecting the transistors with metal to form standard logic cells, which are then connected together and to the i/o structures.

  • Red: input to cell.
  • Green: output from cell.

All pictures are from 315-5674.

Input pin

Trace connects right behind the bonding pad.

Output pin

Trace connects to both N and P power transistors.

Bidirectional pin

One trace for input, and two individual traces for the N and P power transistors to allow tri-stating.

Output driver

Just a power inverter. Uses 3 BCs.

Bidirectional pin driver

Top input is output level, bottom input is enable. Outputs go to the pin structure transistors. Described page 10 of the MBCG25512 datasheet. Uses 5 BCs.

Inverter with 0.5 drive strength

Uses 0.5 BC.

Inverter with 1 drive strength

Uses 1 BC.


Uses 1 BC.

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