Copyright release

e-mail 2016-11-11:

My name is Tommi Lempinen, and I own the copyright on the following images:****

The preceding images are considered to be released under the CC-BY-SA license.

I (JM) have the full collection privately mirrored. For now I'm only posting the high res chip maps. If his site goes down ping me to post a public mirror

Unknown copyright

Update 2016-11-11: got release for some of the data. See above. Other data is not by him, but is grouped here since they are related collections


  • CBM 8580
  • CBM 8726 R1
  • MOS 6526A CIA
  • MOS 6569 R1
  • MOS 6581 R2
  • MOS 6581 R3
  • MOS 6581 R4AR
  • MOS 8520 CIA
  • MOS 8580 R5
  • fake sid


  • (MOS 6581 R2)
  • MOS 6581 R3
  • MOS 6581 R4
  • MOS 8580 R5

mcmaster chip lot

ID Actual Notes
2 Broadcom BCM5325
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