Unrelated to wiki. Some notes on getting t-shirts made

Goal: full color t-shirt. Lowish volume (1-20). Focus on quality over cost


FIXME : gah wiki software messed up the table…badly. Don't trust below

Vendor T-shirt Print quality Web UI 1 $ 2 $ 20 $ 1000 $ Inf $ LT Misc
Hanes BeefyT

(6.1oz, 100% Cotton)

Only choice?
Easy to use

19.99 19.99 11.71 2 wk? Separate charge men/women. Made a few women's t-shirts more expensive
CustomInk 20.95 20.80 18.30 5.85 3.19 2 wk
Designashirt Hanes Tagless Tee

(5.2 oz., pre-shrunk 50/50 cotton/polyester)
TBD Buggy 21.61 16.88 13.11 4.11 3.32 Doesn't offer men vs womens?
Hanes BeefyT

(6.1oz, 100% Cotton)
TBD 23.10 18.38 14.60 5.60 4.82 “ORDER 20000 SHIRTS FOR $4.82 PER ITEM”
ooshirts Gildan 5.3 oz cotton <18.58 <15.58 <7.78 Free S/H
SignatureSoft Men’s T-shirt

4.5-ounce, 100% ring spun combed cotton
TBD 10.49 10.49 9.74 1 wk
Basic T-shirt

5.3 ounce, 100% cotton
TBD 7.49 7.49 7.49 1 wk




  • Material: Hanes BeefyT, 6.1oz, 100% Cotton
    • FIXME : verify

Very easy to use. Website worked smoothly (Firefox)

Price something like

  • 1-6: $20

Above: preview


Don't like their website

  • Separate username and password login. WTF?
  • Preview showing where t-shirt prints wasn't even on the person
    • Note: full print preview looked as expected
  • Upload image button didn't show up
    • Suspect related to not having flash initially enabled, which caused some sort of glitch
  • Upload image faulty progress bar: counted down from 200% or something like that
  • General website presentation seems rough / needs editing
    • Ex: “Are you looking for a shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or bag? Check out the Change Shirt/Color button to see the many styles and colors available.”
    • The value add is buried in a list of what applies
  • At first I thought it required a login to try it out, but now think I just misunderstood the UI
  • Has a tool to assist with alpha transparency
  • Web UI does not snap center

Above: editing window showing poor centering / faulty print


Above: preview looks okay


Had to apply my own alpha or preview looked wonky. Unclear if this would have actually impacted print quality (white box)

Snaps on web UI to center easier

Aggressive marketing. They repeatedly tried to sign me up for stuff I didn't want

Male + female ordering process streamlined, unlike CafePress

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