“AMD and Intel were ahead of their times with their shared-license agreements. These days, no one integrated circuit manufacturer can stand on their own too well, and only multi-partner collaborations can approach the 45nm and 32nm process nodes. I have been putting off looking at some uncapped digital chips because of the die size since we don’t have a low resolution objective that can image most of a 4mm x 4mm chip much less 12mm x 12mm like this. I am trying to avoid using sulfuric acid as much as I can since it takes a long time to neutralize, so the next few IC Fridays will contain larger digital chips. It is admirable that AMD still maintains a decent website for their AM486 line of products.”

Source: http://microblog.routed.net/2007/05/11/ic-friday-amds-am486-dx2/



am486-100x-01.jpg am486-100x-02.jpg am486-10x-01.jpg am486-10x-02.jpg am486-10x-03.jpg am486-10x-04.jpg am486-10x-05.jpg am486-10x-06.jpg am486-20x-01.jpg am486-20x-02.jpg am486-20x-03.jpg am486-20x-04.jpg am486-20x-05.jpg am486-20x-06.jpg am486-4x-01.jpg am486-4x-02.jpg am486-4x-03.jpg am486-4x-04.jpg am486-60x-01.jpg am486-60x-02.jpg am486-60x-04.jpg

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