Lot of 25 from Digikey

Sample markings:

[Xilinx logo] 2C32A


The XC2C32A is previously imaged, this page is reference for these samples which will be used for R&D work

Half etch 09/26/2013

Ran out of time and had to go to sleep. Pictures requested by AZ

mit5x_snapshot_001.jpg mit100x_005.jpg mit100x_004.jpg

H2O2/HCl etch 09/27/2013

After putting above in H2O2 + HCl for a few min

Dash etch 09/27/2013

fb2_and_array_top_mit20x.jpg fb2_and_array_top_mit100x.jpg

fb2_flash_mit20x.jpg fb2_flash_mit100x.jpg

fb2_macrocells_mit20x.jpg fb2_macrocells_mit100x.jpg

fb2_or_array_mit20x.jpg fb2_or_array_mit100x.jpg

jtag_mit20x.jpg jtag_mit100x.jpg


Top metal @ NS50xU:

Top metal @ Mit100x: raw data captured but no plans to stitch

Stained @ NS50xU:

Stained @ Mit100x: raw data captured, stitching in progress siliconpr0n.org_map_xilinx_xc2c32a_single_xilinx_xc2c32a_mcmaster_mz_mit20x.thumb.jpg


  • Single (9386×8630, 10.053MiB)
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