Sold as “70pcs Generalplus Micom GPLB52A24A 8bit MCU silicon dies wafer”

“1000/2000 Dots Mono/4-Gray-Level LCD Controller/Driver with 8-CH SPU”

SPU ⇒ sound processing unit

“The GPLB52A24A/GPLB51A24A, an 8-bit CMOS microprocessor, features 1536 bytes working RAM, 1M bytes ROM memory, 24 I/Os, interrupt/wakeup controller, two 16-bit timers, SPI interface, one 12-bit DAC, one 10-bit PWM, and automatic display controller/driver for mono/4-gray-level LCD”


Micom Tech Limited
Type No.: GPLB52A24A-048A
Lot No.: MGB03071
Qty>: 350 PCS
Date 10/25/10



MZ @ 20x (link broken)

  • Single (10668×12192, 33.82MB)
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