Results testing AutoStain machine

Research topics:

Baseline Sharp SM4 as these are relatively plentiful and are known to be very easy to stain (ie wide margin of error for experiments)

Images Chip Sample Process Notes

Nintendo 6102
(Sharp SM4)
2020-08-11 S1 Etch RG 2 hour (no changes)
TLDR: test was mostly invalidated due to preparation error

* Staining visible
* Crystals present

Tried to use less grease to hold sample. Resulted in sample flying off during final wash.
I didn't have time to fish it out and it stayed in the drain tube for some hours.
When I fished it out waste acid had etched it, probably resulting in the half eaten ROM

* Use more grease
* Position sample holder to slightly block drain
* Budget cleanup time for important chips

Nintendo 6102
(Sharp SM4)
2020-08-11 S1 Stain 60 sec
Light: full single fiber
Overstained, possibly due to error in step 1


Nintendo 6102
(Sharp SM4)
2020-08-11 S2 Etch RG 1 hour (no changes)
* No staining visible
* Poly stringers everywhere
* Metal present
* No crystals
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