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No markings on (damaged) die.



The back attach was very difficult to get off. It was cooked in WFNA for 30 minutes in an attempt to release it. In retrospect, this was too long of a period and caused the WFNA to dilute, resulting in minor corrosion. It would have been better to do a 24 hour cold soak.

After cooking with no effect, I gave up and was going to try to gently remove it. After only very light handling, chunks started to come out of the back. I immediately stopped trying to remove it and instead went to lightly pick it up to deposit into a vial. The die then fractured from the tweezer pressure.

There appears to be a scratch pre-dating the other damage (given that its corroded). It is unclear where this came from.

The die is quite dirty since I was not able to safely ultrasonic clean it. Now that its been imaged, if there is desire for a cleaner image, I could try to clean it better but it may shatter.


Map @ Mit20x

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