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This part was taken from a Motronic M1.7.3 engine control unit (ECU), which was commonly used on 1.6L & 1.8L 4-cylinder BMWs of the mid-E36 generation. While this chip was likely used on a number of ECUs, the specific one in this case had Bosch PN 0 261 203 661.

Functionally, this chip serves a number of functions. - Voltage regulation: Main 5V for ECU electronics, 5V stand-by for volatile memory, 5V reference voltage for engine sensors, 12V (isolated from alternator/battery input) - Engine start/run detection: TTL signal provided to ECU's MCU to indicate that the driver is requesting an engine start - EPROM CE control (based on ECU reset state) - Low-side switching for the pull-in coil of the fuel injection system's main power relay

As the die shot shows, the crude decapsulation process caused significant damage to the die. I believe that this is due to some of the bonded wires being significantly larger than others for the high current connections, so when the package was torn off, the larger embedded lead wires took the bonded areas of the die with them.


Label (top):

[Bosch Logo]
30322 (Bosch internal PN)


Decap Steps:
400 grit wet-sanding top of package on 8" cross-section grinder
(Bic lighter + water quench) x 5 cycles
Selective crushing with bench vise

Capture Details:
Imaging device: Keyence VHX-2000
Magnification: 500X

[Bosch Logo]

Note: This is a ~15X downsampled version of the original image. A full resolution version (38MB) can be provided. Probably not worth it since the die was severely damaged during decapsulation.

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