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This part was taken from a Motronic M1.7.3 engine control unit (ECU), which was commonly used on 1.6L & 1.8L 4-cylinder BMWs of the mid-E36 generation. While this chip was likely used on a number of ECUs, the specific one in this case had Bosch PN 0 261 203 661.

Functionally, this chip serves as a digital switch to allow an externally applied programming signal to be passed to the ECU's EPROM while isolating the MCU. The EPROM's Vpp pin also serves OE functionality, so this switch disconnects the OE/PSEN line from the MCU and connects the external Vpp one during programming.


Label (top):

30149 (Bosch internal PN)
[Bosch Logo]


Decap Steps:
(Bic lighter + water quench) x 2 cycles
Selective crushing with pliers and bench vise

Capture Details:
Imaging device: Keyence VHX-2000
Magnification: 500X

F20 (probably short for CF20, likely a reference to the commercial PN used by Bosch)

Imaged using normal / center lighting:

Imaged using edge lighting, for enhanced shadow contrast:

These are ~3X downsampled versions of the original images. Full resolution versions (7-10MB) can be provided. On the to-do list…

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