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SRAM+Flash hybrid FPGA contains an XC3S50A die from Xilinx and an Atmel DataFlash die wire-bonded together.

The die ID code of the FPGA (X8701) matches the regular XC3S50A.

Full-die imagery of the FPGA was not acquired because the die is identical to the regular XC3S50A, which has already been imaged.



  (X) XILINX (R)
  XC3S50AN (TM)

Device was decapped in-package with 68% HNO3 on 1/29/2014 by lab group A of CSCI 4974/6974 at RPI. Note leadframe damage and bond wires with one end floating; the floating bond wires were easily bent by a short blast of compressed air.

Flash die

FPGA die

The FPGA die is covered by an overcoat which can be scratched off with a scalpel blade but does not respond to acid. Possibly some sort of polyimide?

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