NVIDIA MCPX (labeled MCP1 on the die) southbridge from the original Xbox. Alleged to contain the secret boot ROM.

Made by a 150 nm 7-metal process by TSMC according to http://amo.net/NT/02-15-01XBOX.html.

From preliminary die inspection, stack-up looks to be:



  nVIDIA (R)
  F45819.1 0142B2


Size is approximately 5300 x 5300 μm (28.1 mm2)

Die logo

Mask rev markings. Looks very similar to the GeForce 2 MX suggesting the two are made on the same, or nearly same, process. This is a little odd since the GeForce 2 was supposed to be 180 nm and sources list this chip as 150.

Classic NVIDIA diagonal bond pads

Possible boot ROM?

Multi-focus stack down interconnect. Looks like 3 vertical, 3 horizontal layers plus M1 (not visible in this view).

Closeup near bottom right showing cell sizes

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