256Mbit (32Mx8bit / 16Mx16bit) NAND Flash Memory

Decoding the part number suggests that the device is SLC, single die, 3.3V supply, 32Mx8.

Datasheet first rev is 2003 so die design is probably about this age too. 90 nm ish? No deprocessing performed so not sure of exact node. Date code on the package is 2005 week 7.



  hynix KOR
  TPEB 507B

Last line is in a different font and last character is unreadable. Firmware revision code maybe?


Size is large (not measured, full images not acquired yet)

Overview of bottom part of die

Closeup of die ID markings

Various parts of memory array (images do not overlap)

Various closeups

Random logic at bottom center of chip. Lots of CMP filler (?)

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