Seems to be an Intel motherboard clock synthesizer, but the only available datasheet is from SiLabs. Packaging and block diagram of the SiLabs datasheet are consistent with this device.

Looks like the result of corporate mergers and spinoffs: The chip was designed by Cypress in 2000, who sold their clocking products division to SpectraLinear in 2006, who were in turn acquired by SiLabs in 2011




  (Cypress logo at left side of entire text)
  A 16 PHI 0310
  CYP 608759


Large process tech, looks like 600 nm 2-metal or thereabouts.

Size is approximately 3400 x 2270 μm (7.72 mm2)

Some kind of mask ROM? Microcoded state machine?

Another array, looks bigger but the same cell type.

Die markings.

Random circuitry.

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