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Above: LCD screen got a pinprick that allowed mold to grow?

Case front:


Case back:

Mfg. by
Ying Leung
Intl. Ltd

(C) 1997
Playmates Toys


Dot matrix

Text on screen:

DTL 16116

Map @ mit2x

If you use standard brightfield techniques the screen really isn't visible. Usually a voltage is applied to rotate the light and the screen relies on polarizers to make the image dark. Theoretically I could excite the screen and at least see the pixels and considered a few ways to do that. To get the above image I used crossed polarizers and a bright light with the LCD on top of a white surface. The LCD screen is much larger than a normal die so I used my largest usable objective (2x) which has a field of view on the order of 5 mm.

A better setup would be to cross polarizers and shoot through it to a camera. This was just what I had lying around and it was small enough to fit on my microscope stage.

Possibly HDM16116H-2



Map @ mit20x