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-====== Process technology ====== 
-Here at Back Alley Fab Services someone got really drunk, tripped over the phosphine line, and dropped our customer's wafers on the ground.  Fortunately none of them broke.  We put them in the dishwasher and they seem fine now but now we have to sort them out.  We can't find the masks but we still have the purchase orders with the process technologies they requested.  Help identify the process technologies so that we can give each wafer to the right customer.  
-  * Which of the following best describes the above image? 
-    - Metal gate CMOS 
-    - Poly gate CMOS 
-    - BiCMOS 
-    - Bipolar 
-    - NMOS 
-    - PMOS 
-    * [3] 
-    * (1) 
-    * There are no stupid questions, just stupid people 
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