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XNFMAP Ver. 5.2.0-base
(c) Copyright 1987-1995 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved
386|DOS-Extender 4.1 - Copyright (C) 1986-1993 Phar Lap Software, Inc.
XNFMAP: Translates an XTF file into a MAP file.

  XNFMAP [-KMNJAQUEFCOSIR] [-P part] [-G[#]] [-H fn[.PGF]] fn[.XTF] [fn[.MAP]]
  -K = Read partitioning guide file in current directory.
  -M = Ignore all design file guide symbols.
  -N = Ignore all interior-array location parameters.
  -J = Ignore all IOB location parameters.
  -A = Respect macro boundaries while mapping ('map-then-merge'). 
  -Q = Respect only 'FILE=' macro boundaries while mapping. 
  -U = Respect guide-file hierarchy while mapping - ignore design hierarchy.
  -E = Estimate resource use. Do not remove unused signals and symbols.
  -F = Force dense partitioning.
  -C = Suppress pin-gain limit when assigning CLB elements.
  -O = Suppress register ordering.
  -S = Squeeze more functions into CLBs.
  -I = Allow use of the 3000 CLB DIN pin (direct input).
  -R = Try to reduce size by favoring f(3) over f(4).
  -P = Use specified part and package. Overrides part specified in design file.
  -G = Limit number of gates in combinatorial function.
  -H = Read named partitioning guide file.
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