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XNFBA combines the pre-route xg/xff/xnf file and the post-route xnf file
into a new file that has the original symbol and signal names with post-route
delays. This program works with XC2000, XC3000, XC4000 and XC5200 families.

Usage: XNFBA <pre-route XNF>[.xg,.xff,.xnf] <post-route XNF>[.xnf] [options]

  The pre-route XNF file must be flat prior to APR or PPR. You may
  use XNFMERGE to flatten the hierarchical XNF files if necessary.
  This file must be consistent with the post-route XNF file.

  The post-route XNF file is generated by LCA2XNF with the option -g.
  The design should have been routed with no DRC errors.

  -m  Write out a Mentor back-annotation file.
  -o <output xnf file>
      Specify the output XNF file name. The default is xnfba.xnf.
  -r <report file>
      Specify the report file name. The default is xnfba.rpt.
  -w  Overwrite output or report file.
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