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MAP2LCA Ver. 5.2.0-base
(c) Copyright 1988-1995 Xilinx Inc. All rights reserved
386|DOS-Extender 4.1 - Copyright (C) 1986-1993 Phar Lap Software, Inc.

Function: Translates a MAP file into an LCA file.

Usage: MAP2LCA [-P parttype] [-SI] fn[.MAP] [fn[.LCA]] [> file]
  -P = Use specified part type. Overrides part type specified in design file
  -S = Use AKA file to shorten signal and symbol names
  -I = Ignore user placement constraints in MAP file
  > file = Redirect messages into specified file.

Example: MAP2LCA -I counter > counter.out

MAP2LCA: Execution Terminated.
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