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$ cstcvt
cstcvt [5.2.1-base]  --  Xilinx Automatic CAE Tools
Copyright (c) 2012 Xilinx Inc.  All Rights Reserved.
386|DOS-Extender 4.1 - Copyright (C) 1986-1993 Phar Lap Software, Inc.


Usage: cstcvt <filename>

The CSTCVT program translates old CST files used by APR into the format used by
PPR.  The old CST file is saved as <filename>.acs.


file_name -- Input CST file name (extension is '.cst')
         This parameter takes a character string value.
         This is the name of the CST file that is opened for input.  The
         extension must be ".cst" and is automatically added if not

helpall   -- Show all help information
         You can type "-helpall" to this tool to get help for ALL its
         parameters. The default is not to show help for all parameters.
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