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    t_i with type FDP    t_i with type FDP
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 Related: http://​www.xilinx.com/​support/​answers/​32847.html Related: http://​www.xilinx.com/​support/​answers/​32847.html
 +TLDR: wire assigned to wire [3:​0]. ​ Added 0's and connected to pads which blew things up
 +This took me a half day to troubleshoot and was ultimately fixed by doing two things:
 +  * Cutting the design down to smaller pieces where possible
 +  * Opening design in RTL viewer
 +The first I can't help you with, it depends on your design too much the best way to go about that.
 +The second was tricky. ​ It only works from the ISE GUI but this can be fixed relatively easily by using PlanAhead (method I used) or creating a blank project with the .ngc.  However, the ISE RTL viewer tool only works on PAR'd designs and not on just netlists. ​ Since my design was failing ngdbuild, let alone PAR, this was a no-go.
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