Turns a compiled NGC file into a NGD file.

Example usage:

ngdbuild -intstyle ise -dd _ngo -nt timestamp -uc [UCF constraint file] -p [device name] [input NGC file] [output NGD file]

This will generate NGD and PCF files suitable for use as input to map.

ERROR: logic net has multiple driver(s)

Example error:

ERROR:NgdBuild:455 - logical net
   31]_LessThan_10_o_lutdi14' has multiple driver(s):
     pin G on block XST_GND with type GND,
     pin PAD on block
   1]_LessThan_10_o_lutdi14 with type PAD,
     pin Q on block
   t_i with type FDP

Related: http://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/32847.html

TLDR: wire assigned to wire [3:0]. Added 0's and connected to pads which blew things up

This took me a half day to troubleshoot and was ultimately fixed by doing two things:

  • Cutting the design down to smaller pieces where possible
  • Opening design in RTL viewer

The first I can't help you with, it depends on your design too much the best way to go about that.

The second was tricky. It only works from the ISE GUI but this can be fixed relatively easily by using PlanAhead (method I used) or creating a blank project with the .ngc. However, the ISE RTL viewer tool only works on PAR'd designs and not on just netlists. Since my design was failing ngdbuild, let alone PAR, this was a no-go.

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