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 ====== Manual fxload ====== ====== Manual fxload ======
 For debugging For debugging
 +cat >​~/​bin/​pc2fxload <<EOF
 +# Bus 001 Device 020: ID 03fd:0013 Xilinx, Inc.
 +LS=$(lsusb |grep Xilinx)
 +bus=$(echo $LS |cut -c 5-7)
 +dev=$(echo $LS |cut -c 16-18)
 +sudo /​sbin/​fxload -v -t fx2 -I /​usr/​share/​xusb_xp2.hex -D /​dev/​bus/​usb/​$bus/​$dev
 +# Bus 001 Device 022: ID 03fd:0008 Xilinx, Inc. 
 +LS=$(lsusb |grep Xilinx)
 +bus=$(echo $LS |cut -c 5-7)
 +dev=$(echo $LS |cut -c 16-18)
 +sudo chown $USER /​dev/​bus/​usb/​$bus/​$dev
 +chmod +x ~/​bin/​pc2fxload
 lsusb to see something like lsusb to see something like
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