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-====== FlashPro ====== 
-created to try to sort out why libero doesn'​t generate a format that FlashPro accepts. ​ 
-Problem: Designer generates a .fdb but FlashPro wants a .pdb 
-How to convert? 
-Libero 9.0 tutorial says to click "​Programming File" to open a wizard. ​ I can't find this button (using 9.1 though...related?​). ​ They don't have a picture of where it should be...unclear if I can't find it or its not there 
-allright...so issue is that pdb is evidently a flashpro project that contains multiple files such as an FPGA bitstream + an MSS firmware image. ​ To actually update you need to 
-  * open flashpro 
-  * view => Single Device Configuration Window 
-  * Click Modify 
-  * under FPGA array click Import 
-  * select your fdb file 
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