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-{{tag>​collection_digshadow vendor_ti year_unknown}}+{{tag>​collection_digshadow vendor_ti year_unknown ​foundry_unknown tech_unknown}}
 Datasheet: unknown Datasheet: unknown
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 ====== Map ====== ====== Map ======
-Top metal: http://​siliconpr0n.org/​map/​ti/​tms5220cnl/​top_metal_mit20x+Top metal: http://​siliconpr0n.org/​map/​ti/​tms5220cnl/​mz_mit20x
-  * Image (70 MB, 15931x12936):​ http://​siliconpr0n.org/​map/​ti/​tms5220cnl/​tms5220cnl_top_metal_mit20x.jpg+  * Image (70 MB, 15931x12936):​ http://​siliconpr0n.org/​map/​ti/​tms5220cnl/​tms5220cnl_mz_mit20x.jpg
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