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VITA 57 ("FMC")

VITA 57 defines FPGA. Seems to be the most popular FPGA expansion connector

Some sample boards:

  • Xilinx KC705
  • Xilinx ML605

Sample FMC vendors:

  • HiTech Global: good assortment
  • Xilinx: speciality modules to promote certain FPGA features
  • Digilent: good assortment, tends to be most competitive pricing
  • 4DSP: good assortment
  • Inrevium/TED: good assortment
    • My limited experience with them was trying to get a K7 dev board. Seemed more expensive and fewer features than the KC705

Avnet connector

Some sample boards:

  • XtremeDSP Starter Platform – Spartan-3A DSP 1800A Edition


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