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-{{tag>​collection_mcmaster vendor_nec type_unknown ​year_unknown ​foundry_unknown}}+{{tag>​collection_mcmaster vendor_nec type_unknown ​year_1984 ​foundry_unknown}}
 ====== Package ====== ====== Package ======
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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +====== Additional Information ======
 +The uPD7220 was designed by Tetsuji Oguchi, and information and schematics for the 7220 and 7220A can be found on his website: http://​oguchi-rd.com/​LSI%20products.php
 +The schematics are at http://​oguchi-rd.com/​schematics/​logic/​7220A/​7220A%20Schematics.pdf
 +The patents for certain covering the the 7220 are:
 +4,459,676 - covers the accelerated bresenham curve drawing scheme
 +Other patents which probably cover the 7220 are:
 [[https://​siliconpr0n.org/​map/​nec/​d7220d/​mz_mit20x/​|mz_mit20x]] [[https://​siliconpr0n.org/​map/​nec/​d7220d/​mz_mit20x/​|mz_mit20x]]
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