The Silicon Archive is a collection of practical integrated circuit and general electronics information. Most of it is manifested as die shots.

High resolution chip maps

As of 10/6/2014 there are 149.

Linked from pages when available and can be found at: Tiles were originally output at .jpg quality 75 but since upgrading pr0n disk space in early 2013 tiles should now uploaded at .jpg quality 90.

Original images used to generate tiles can be found interspersed with the tiles. Sometimes these are not available for one reason or another but in any case can be reconstructed from the map tiles (most likely at some loss of quality) by running something like “montage -geometry +0+0 -tile 73×60 *.jpg out.png”. The raw tiles can be found in “tiles_out” sub-directory


Example: “ti/tl494a/mz_mit5x”